Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences supports learning for the next generation of pharmacists who are ready to contribute to community medicine.


We firmly support the path to becoming a pharmacist who plays an active role in the local community with a rich curriculum and guidance according to the individual needs of students.

We ensure our students possess the fundamental knowledge and skills of pharmaceutical sciences by providing a foundation in science subjects during the first year. We also supplement their learning with follow-up instruction as needed. Our curriculum integrates classroom instruction with early experiential learning so that our students experience practical application of pharmacy concepts and knowledge. As the curriculum progresses, students learn about lifestyles and medical systems to extend healthy life expectancy together with the community. Since established in 2004, large majority of the graduates of our faculty have passed the national pharmacist examination and become pharmacists and are active as leaders in community medicine.

The National Examination for Pharmacists Pass Rate

We offer more than 200 seminars, supplementary classes based on student requests, special classes by visiting lecturers, and bimonthly mock exams to prepare students for the National Examination for Pharmacists. As a result, the pass rate is increasing year by year, exceeding the national average of 85.55% in 2020.

Employment Rates of Graduates

As the shortage of pharmacists has become a serious problem nationwide, opportunities for pharmacists will continue to expand, and the high job openings-to-applicants ratio is expected to continue. Students from outside Aomori Prefecture are also finding employment in the prefectures they desire.

We will support graduates through lifelong lectures and continue to train pharmacists who can think and act on their own drug treatment that suits each individual patient.

Small Class Size

Since we have adopted a small class education system, all faculty members will be in charge of caring all students, and not only will they check their academic achievement, but they will also support their school life.