Faculty of Software and Information Technology

The Faculty of Software and Information Technology supports learning for young people who are willing to challenge the world with cutting-edge information technology

Be a Specialist in Information Technology!

Gain fundamental knowledge of programming in proficiency-dependent small classes.

In the Faculty of Software and Information Technology, students learn programing in small groups according to their proficiency levels until satisfied. Students who are new to programmig will build their programming skills at their own pace.

Experience cutting-edge research in small group seminar classes from the first year.

Students are assigned to seminar groups from the first year. By experiencing cutting-edge research at an early stage and interacting with seniors in the seminar groups, students will build a vision for their research area.

Acquire practical experience by contributing to the local community and building bridges with high schools through information technology.

Using cutting-edge information technology such as artificial intelligence, robotics, IoT, and Web applications, faculty members and students work together to solve local issues. The faculty also collaborate with high schools to promote the continuity of academic achievement in the university.

Academic Advising in the Faculty of Software and Information Technology

We have an education system with a small number of people. The faculty member will be assigned to students as advisors to support academically and daily life. Students and faculty members discuss with each other to deepen mutual understanding and reduce anxiety about lectures, career paths, and daily life.