1918Kimi Yamada, the founder, established the Yamada Saiho Kyoujujo(a sewing school).
1951Aomori Yamada High School was founded.
1966Masae Kimura was appointed as a chairman.
1968Aomori University was established with the Faculty of Business Administration(Department of Business Administration).
1981Faculty of Sociology (Department of Sociology) was established.
1992Faculty of Engineering (Department of Electronics and Information Science,Department of Information System Engineering, and Department of Biotechnology)was established.
2002Takafumi Kimura was appointed as a chairman.
2004Department of Electronics and Information Science and Department of Information System Engineering were reorganized as the Faculty of Software and Information Technology (Department of Software and Information Technology).
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Department of Clinical Pharmacy) was established.
2006Department of Clinical Pharmacy was renamed as the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences reorganized into the six-year system.
2014Shigeyuki Okajima was appointed as a chairman.
2018The 100th anniversary of Aomori Yamada Gakuen and the 50th anniversary of Aomori University.
Kazuyori Kanai was appointed as the 8th president of Aomori University.
2019Aomori University opened the Tokyo Campus with Faculty of Business Administration.
Nebuta Research Institute for Life Sciences was established.
2020Faculty of Sociology and Faculty of Software and Information Technology were added to Aomori University Tokyo Campus.