Faculty of Business Administration

The faculty of Business Administration supports learning for young people who challenge SMEs and venture

In corporate management, problem-solving ability is required to manage various changes such as socio-economics, environmental problems, and world affairs by manipulating the management resources of people, goods, money, and information. Based on our fundamental learning in management, we are focusing on fostering young people who will create their own companies, such as making small companies larger, investing in family businesses to develop them, and starting up venture businesses. Our goal is to educate our students to be independent individuals who can create their own path for a good living. In addition to the three existing courses of Business Innovation, Accounting, and Sports Business, we will open a new course, Field Tourism, which focuses on experiential tourism that takes advantage of the local natural environment.

Business Innovation Course

In the Business Innovation course, students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for corporate management in the new era such as IT and English skills and foster the creativity and willingness of individuals to take on challenges necessary for revitalizing SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise).
Through on-sites visits, long-term internships, and project-based learning, students obtain the ability to learn and act on their own and the ability to solve problems.

Accounting Course

In the Accounting course, students theoretically and practically learn how to read and create financial and accounting information,which are fundamental skills in both the private and public sectors. In order to prepare our students to be accounting professionals who can support entrepreneurship we offer a curriculum that corresponds to each level of The Official Business Skills Test in Bookkeeping in accordance with proficiency level of students.

Sports Business Course

The Sports Business course provides students various opportunities to examine sports from the perspective of management and business.
Throughout the program, students learn about sports laws, management and operation of sports facilities, qualification and training of certified sports instructors, and operation of sports clubs. We also offer courses required to obtain a teacher’s license for health and physical education.

Field Tourism Studies (Starting in 2022)

From 2022, the faculty of Business Administration will open a new course, Field Tourism Studies, which explore experiential tourism that takes advantage of the local natural environment. By learning the new marketing development method that is unique to Aomori and planning a sustainable future for the region, our students will play an active role also in the tourism industry to raise awareness of SDGs.