Faculty of Sociology

The Faculty of Sociology supports learning for young people to be considerate and insightful to understand the social world.

We aim to foster young people who actively participate in the development in the nation in the nation for active efforts to promote and revitalize the community in the university brand ranking 2018 published by Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd.

Home to the Cutting-Edge of Community Contribution and Educational Programs

The Faculty of Sociology aims to keep connected with neighboring communities. In close cooperation with the Kobata Town Development Council, local governments, and Aomori Chamber of Commerce, we constantly provide students with opportunities to learn under the “Think, Plan and Try” policy, which emphasize on theory, experience and practice to solve various problems in the community.

Strong Support from Advisors

Advisors are assigned to all students. From the 1st year to graduation, we provide consistent advice and guidance. We support students through consultations on their concerns, guidance on choosing classes, and career assistance.

Community Development Course

In the Community Development Course, students learn perspectives for understanding various social phenomena and methods to accurately grasp on the circumstances people are facing, and deepen the understanding of issues and creating solutions in the local communities.

Three Systematic Learning Programs
In the Community Development Course, we have prepared three programs with one perspective, that is developing the ability to solve local issues.
Tourism Program

Students approach the ideal way of tourism from the perspective of tourism that contributes to the community and tourism management.

Regional Policy Program

Students aiming to work for public institutions and local industry acquire basic knowledge on the regional policies and practical skills.

Social Research Program

Students learn various methods of conducting social surveys to clarify regional issues and analyzing collected data.

Social Welfare Course

Students gain knowledge on community engagement from the perspectives of social welfare in order to create communities where everyone can live comfortably. As social welfare specialists, students will be able to demonstrate leadership skills to encourage social independence of those who have difficulties. The Social Welfare Course offers classes required to obtain the eligibility to take national license examination for social workers and mental health workers.