Message from the President

Aomori University is changing. You will change too and realize your dream.

We live in an era of turbulence. In constantly changing environment, we believe that entrepreneurship and innovation can be a powerful force within organizations of all types and sizes, in established businesses as well as new ventures. We focus on developing knowledge and skills in innovation and leadership that will help students address the diverse challenges facing their communities and regional businesses.
We dedicate ourselves to supporting every student who is passionate about something and motivated to achieving his or her goals in order for them to be active in the society. The educational purpose of Aomori University is the cultivation of human resources who have ability to cope with the challenges of turbulent environment. Our aim is to raise leaders who will be active in our regional society.
Acquiring comprehensive knowledges and skills such as taking action positively, problem-finding and solving, cooperating with others are essential and demanded in changing environment. These experiences will enable you to carve out a  future of your own. There are so many opportunities, environments, and programs for all students to challenge their possibilities. Aomori University can provide you with a place to demonstrate your abilities and realize your dreams. All professors and staff members are willing to support and encourage you.

Kazuyori Kanai,Ph.D.
President of Aomori University